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If you're unable to make it to a Modern Calligraphy or Hand Lettering workshop in Columbia, South Carolina, these workbooks and printable practice worksheets are for you.


Based off of my workshops, workbooks are available for:

  1. Modern Calligraphy for Beginners - learn about the tools you'll use, how to write with the pointed pen, and how to create the thick/thin strokes; includes video tutorial and online support; supplies include 1 straight pen holder, 2 of my favorite nibs, 2 oz of black ink, 1 ink container, 1 workbook filled with tips and tricks, worksheets with instructional alphabet + numbers, practice sheets and a complete resource guide

printable worksheets

Printable practice worksheets are perfect for those who already have supplies and want to start practicing right this second. Available practice worksheets include:

  1. Modern Calligraphy - Alphabet Practice

  2. Calligraphy for the Holidays


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