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Overwhelmed with everything you have to do for your wedding? Or maybe you thought you'd have the time and energy to address your envelopes but really don't? That's okay, I've got you covered.

Hand over those envelopes and within a week and a half (that's usually how long it takes to work my calligraphy magic on 100 envelopes), you'll have beautifully addressed and finished envelopes ready to be stuffed with your invitations and sent on their way to your excited wedding guests.

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- pricing -

Outer Envelope (name and address) — $3.00 each

Inner Envelope (name only) — $1.50 each

Return Address (two lines) — $1.50 each

RSVP Address (up to four lines) — $2.00 each

Outer & Inner Combination — $4.00 each

Outer & Return Address Combination — $4.00 each

Outer & RSVP Combination — $4.50 each

Escort Cards or Place Cards —$1.50 each

50 minimum per order. Gold, Black, and White Ink available. Custom mixed color ink to match your invitations with $25 setup fee is available only if booked 2+ months in advance. You must provide envelopes and also include 15% extra envelopes to account for any errors, changes or additions. Guest list must be emailed in a Word Document, no tables or spreadsheets. Click to view a sample address template.

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