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Let's be honest, it's a real treat to get snail mail in a mailbox full of bills and to receive mail with your handwritten, calligraphed name? There's nothing quite like it. If you have your wedding invitations already and are only needing envelope calligraphy, let's chat and talk about if I can accommodate your needs. 

-  pricing  -

Outer Envelope (name and address)      $2.50 each

Inner Envelope (name only)                    $1.50 each

Return Address                                          $1.50 each

RSVP Address                                             $1.50 each

Place Cards/Escort Cards                        $1.50 each

50 minimum per order. Gold, Black, Rose Gold and White Ink available. Custom color inks available only if booked 3+ months in advance. You must provide paper materials. Please include 15% extra envelopes to account for any errors, changes or additions.

Ready to get started?