Our Little Pumpkin Gender Reveal Cards

We found out Baby Cruse's gender two weeks ago and I sent out these gender reveal cards right after to friends. Instead of calling each friend, I wanted to do something fun that replicates our very own excitement. 

Originally these were going to be DIY scratch off cards, but the mixture for the "scratch off" wasn't working out for me and too sticky for my liking. I had some washi tape so I used that to cover the reveal instead. It worked out a lot better. 

I brush lettered the address to the envelopes and mailed off they went. It was so fun to get texts and calls from friends filled with joy and excitement. 

Baby Cruse Coming February 2016

I didn't know after I shared my miscarriage story back in June that 10 days later I would find myself staring at another positive pregnancy test. I was a ball of emotions: shock, joy, a boatload of fear and yet so incredibly grateful. It took a bit of time for most of the fears to subside. I often found myself saying "I hope" and "If we make it that far..." in conversations. It was hard not to guard my heart at first or be cautious but if there's one valuable lesson this little Peanut has taught me, it's to truly take life day by day, to live it and to celebrate it. Especially now that I'm out of the first trimester, way less nausea and fatigue, and I'm feeling like my normal self again.

We are so excited and looking forward to meeting our little one on February 2016.