Fall 2015 Workshops in Nearby Cities

I'm planning on hitting the road this coming Fall 2015 to offer Modern Calligraphy workshops at these nearby cities, depending on which has the most interest: 

Charleston, SC
Greenville, SC
Charlotte, NC
Savannah, GA
Athens, GA

I'm looking for a local boutique or place in each of those cities. If you know of places that might be perfect and/or interested in hosting, please email me.

Interested in attending a workshop in those cities? Sign up for the Workshop Newsletter to be the notified with all the details!

P.S. I am also searching for a retreat or conference where I could teach calligraphy to attendees. If you are hosting a retreat or conference and feel I would be a good fit, please contact me


Leen Machine Baby Prints In Action

Photos on Instagram:  top left from @brookemagee, top right from @kcampbell24 and bottom photo from @rlboozer

Photos on Instagram:  top left from @brookemagee, top right from @kcampbell24 and bottom photo from @rlboozer

It's been a joy to be tagged lately on Instagram and see Leen Machine Calligraphy prints in sweet baby nurseries, some even next to babies! It's been a great reminder of why I do what I do and I love it even more. 

Make sure to follow me on Instagram at @leenmachinecalligraphy and tag me on your prints - I love to see how you style your prints in your home! 

Wedding Calligraphy: Jennifer from South Carolina

Jennifer is a local bride and I always love meeting up with her. She's always so bubbly - I had such fun chatting wedding things with her and offering day of wedding advice I learned 5 years ago when I got married!

Calligraphy Style: Manitou Springs

What Jennifer said: "The envelopes look amazing!" "Some of my friends are getting married and I've already told them about you!"

Return To Rest Retreat in New Hampshire

"Our vision for Return to Rest is to take time to step away from the world for a bit and focus on God. To put down our phones, turn off our iPads and computers, shut down the to-do lists in our heads and focus on rest, true rest in the Lord. We strive to make the retreat as relaxing and intimate as possible."

I love Return to Rest's vision and I am so thankful I was able to contribute calligraphy for place cards, notebooks for the attendees and marshmallow signs for the hot cocoa bar. I love being able to use the talents the Lord has given me for this retreat I believe in. 

The next retreat is this November in North Carolina. Read more information about it here. 

Wedding Calligraphy: Karla from South Carolina

Karla and I met up a few times and she reminded me how much I love being able to work with local brides and have face to face interaction. For Karla's invitations, I had the pleasure of doing her inner and outer envelopes.

Calligraphy Style: Hatcher Pass

What Karla said: "They look fabulous!!! Great job :-) I love it! You were the easiest person for our wedding that we've worked with!"