Calligraphy Starter Kits Coming Soon

leen machine calligraphy kit.jpg

Happy first day of October! 

This month, I'll be working on calligraphy starter kits and I'm pretty excited! It will include a Facebook group called #leenmachineandfriends that will have some instructional videos, resources and generally a place to ask questions and chat with other aspiring calligraphers! Make sure to sign up for the newsletter to be the first one to know when it launches.  

Modern Calligraphy Beginner Class Recap

July has been such a whirldwind. Teaching a beginner calligraphy class was definitely one of the highlights. I didn't expect to have so much fun myself and gain a deeper appreciation of the art of calligraphy. 

My first students, Nicole and Jodi, had some major skills. It was so exciting to see them get comfortable with the pointed pen and see their own unique styles develop.

I'm looking forward to teaching again August and September. Check out Gather and Craft for dates and times. Hope to see you in class!


Shop Closed For Three Weeks

I will be closing Leen Machine and our Etsy shop starting on Monday, June 23 and will reopen on Wednesday, July 16. 

Why? For the next three weeks, I will be out of state, some on vacation and most as a bridesmaid in two weddings. I also plan on catching up on envelope orders from some sweet brides to be, and preparing for my beginner calligraphy class next month. On top of that, I hope to catch some down times in the middle of all this busy to reflect on where I want Leen Machine to be and also create new calligraphy goods for Leen Machine. 

I will do my best to answer any emails during the weekdays. 

This is the longest I am closing up shop ever, but I'm excited for this time and just as excited to get back to the swing of things three weeks from now. 

Modern Calligraphy Workshop for Beginners

I am SO excited to teach a beginner's calligraphy class next month! I'm most excited about not only passing on my love for calligraphy but sharing what I know.  

If you've always wanted to learn calligraphy, never picked up a calligraphy pen before, and don't know where to begin, this modern calligraphy beginner class is for you! We'll go over the tools you'll use, how to write with the pointed pen, and learn how to create the thick/thin strokes that everyone loves with calligraphy! 

To sign up or for more information, visit