Recent Work: Brittani and Dustin's Wedding Vows

When Brittani of Britt Croft Photography contacted me about writing her and her husband's wedding vows in calligraphy, initially I told her I didn't do letter type wedding vows but if it's more of a print type, I was more than happy to. 

I love visuals, so when Britt sent over her inspiration of having the vows slanted to create a more visual interest, I was excited to get started. I absolutely love carrying out visions that is one of a kind and unique. 

I love how their vows turned out and it is an honor to see it in their home. Britt showed me how wonderful it is to help create something so special that could be a heirloom in the future. 

Wedding vow prints are now available in the shop and can be completely customized and personalized to fit your vision.